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why do you think they did that?

the papers said the boy shot himself in the head yesterday with his fathers dear rifle

why do you think he did that dad?
oh, you don't know...

you always knew he was gay when he hated to play football
played violen and never dated girls
or played to win..

the papers said the girl walked infront of the diesel truck after leaving the psyche ward yesterday..
why do you think she did that, coach?
oh, you dont know...

she was always a little crazy teenage slut
she wanted you to touch her
no wonder she ended up... stipping on speed,
selling her ass, nickle a pound

bring on the fresh meat

the papers said the girl drank a gallon of anti freeze after leaving church on sunday

why do you think she did that father?
oh, you dont know..

but she did us all a favor when she confided in you
she might be gay..
and you speak in words of wisdom..
burn in hell sinner burn in hell

how'd you know she'd take it that way?

man, they're just the bad seeds anyway....
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I like those lyrics a lot, but they make me sad. =[
yeah-they make me really depressed...but they have such a good message...